Inhalation Toxicology

LRRI is a world-recognized leader in inhalation toxicology, and conducts a full range of inhalation studies.  LRRI integrates expertise in generation and characterization of exposure atmospheres, exposure technology, dosimetry, and evaluation of health outcomes.  LRRI scientists work closely with sponsors to design studies providing the best science, as well as any needed regulatory requirements.


LRRI has capabilities to conduct single or repeated, nose-only, oral, or whole-body inhalation exposures of all laboratory species. Exposures range from individual animals to large-scale carcinogenicity bioassays.

Addionally, LRRI has broad experience with exposures of animals to gases, vapors, and particles. Scientists work extensively with commercial and government clients to assess the safety and efficacy of inhaled therapeutics.  LRRI has expertise in design and implementation of studies where materials are in limited supply or are physically, chemically or biologically hazardous or radioactive.  Other expertise includes implementing studies using complex mixtures of pollutants.

Key Capabilities:

  • Collaboration with sponsor on experimental design and interpretation of results
  • Complete knowledge of regulatory requirements for FDA or EPA regulated studies.
  • Compliance with Good Laboratory Practice guidelines
  • Novel exposure techniques for measurement and control of respiration in all species; simulation of human oral dosing using dogs and primates; and exposure by intratracheal inhalation, or via bronchoscopy
  • Exposures to gases, vapors, fibrous and nonfibrous particles; Select Agents, biological, viral vector gene therapeutics; engine exhaust and other actual or synthesized complex mixtures
  • Wide range of dosimetric, toxicokinetic, clinical, physiological, immunological, and genetic assay endpoints available
  • Generation and exposure to radiolabeled and radioactive materials
  • Full histopathology, immunohistochemistry, and morphometric capability

In Addition:

  • AAALAC-accredited animal facilities
  • Safety groups covering chemical, biological and radiological hazard
  • Quality Assurance Unit
  • Confidentiality, proprietary, and intellectual property agreements
  • Collaboration with client's in-house investigations