Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease- COPD

LRRI offers clients expertise in pulmonary pathology, biochemistry, cell biology, animal models, and aerosol science that is important to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) research.  LRRI has several animal models of emphysema and bronchitis.


Our capabilities and models provide opportunities for companies developing new pharmaceuticals, both in the development and preclinical trial phases. 



Animal Models of Emphysema

  • Cigarette smoke-induced emphysema in mice
  • Cigarette smoke-induced pulmonary inflammation and increased proteinases/elastases in mice prior to development of emphysema
  • Elastase-induced emphysema in rats



Animal Models of Bronchitis or Mucus Cell Hyperplasia

  • SO2-induced bronchitis
  • Endotoxin-induced rhinitis, bronchitis/bronchiolitis, and mucus cell hyperplasia in rodents
  • Cigarette smoke-induced rhinitis and pathology

Pathology and Stereology

  • Full histopathology capability
  • Histochemistry and immunohistochemistry for identification and quantification of matrix components, mucosubstances, and cells
  • Computer-assisted stereology systems for indices of emphysema
  • Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid cytologic and clinical chemistry analyses
  • Measurement of cytokines in lavage fluids, cells, and lung tissue


  • Airway Mucus
  1. Measurement of mucus in lavage fluid
  2. Evaluation of the human MUC-2 gene regulation
  3. Gene regulation of mucus cell metaplasia


  • Cell Biology
  1. Cell culture and organ culture models of chronic bronchitis
  2. Signaling pathways of mucous cell differentiation
  3. Cigarette exposure


  • Respiratory Physiology
  1. Pulmonary function measurements in rodents using FlexiVent
  2. Measurement of blood gases


  • Confidentiality, proprietary, and intellectual property agreements


  • Independent research or collaboration to complement in-house capabilities of industry, government, and academia

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