Analytical Chemistry

LRRI’s Analytical Chemistry Department provides a state-of-the-art infrastructure with experienced analysts in chromatography, mass spectrometry, and solid-state analysis. Whether working with a small molecule, protein or peptide, LRRI has experience developing new assays and transferring methods. All analytical or bioanalytical work can be conducted in strict compliance with Good Laboratory Practices.


In support of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, efficacy, and toxicity studies, the Analytical Chemistry Department assists with formulation development and aerosol characterization. Formulation development services include solubility screening, stability testing, and formulation evaluation. These formulations can include solution, suspension or dry powders for delivery via inhalation, IV, IN, oral, or other routes as required. Solid-state analysis capabilities enable us to fully characterize both neat drug and formulated drug product.

Key Capabilities:

  • Fully validated suite of instruments
  • Development/transfer of analytical methods
  • Validation of analytical methods
  • QA/QC interface to ensure compliance with GLPs
  • Formulation development
    • Solution Nebulizer
    • Suspension Nebulizer
    • Dry Powder
    • Metered Dose Inhalers


The Analytical Chemistry Department provides a range of state-of-the-art, validated instrumentation including:

  • Mass Spectrometer Systems
    • API 5000 – Agilent 1200 LC w/ DAD
    • API 4000 – Agilent 1200 LC
    • API 365 EP10+ Upgrade – Shimadzu LC
  • HPLC Systems
  • Agilent 1100 – DAD, VWD, RID, FLD detectors
  • Agilent 6980 and 5980 – MS and FID detectors
  • Perkin Elmer Lambda 35
  • GC Systems
  • Jet Air Mill
  • TA Instruments TGA
  • Thermo FTIR
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Dry Powder Formulations
  • Planetary Ball Mill
  • Solid State Analysis